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Basmati Rice

We are renowned Supplier and Exporter of Basmati Rice. Our Basmati Rice is widely acclaimed for its rich taste and excellent flavor. Our White Basmati Rice is very light and hence, easy to digest. Also, it is rich in nutritional value. We package our Long Grain Basmati Rice in premium food-grade packaging material. Buyers can contact us for buying small as well as bulk quantities of the Healthy Basmati Rice.

Highlights :

  • This rice is a native of India and Pakistan and can be widely found in traditional South Asian cuisines.
  • The main characteristic feature of this rice is that it is lighter and tastier that other conventional varieties of rice.
  • Its flavor and taste makes it a favorite for ceremonial uses and in places where rice forms the staple diet as in Bengal and South Indian States Basmati is a part and parcel of daily life. Indian Basmati Rice is also produced on an industrial scale and exported to foreign countries, thus making a significant contribution to Indians foreign currency earning measures.

Features :

  • The most striking feature of the Indian Basmati Rice is its flavor.
  • A flavor similar to pandan leaves gives it a distinct recognition.
  • The uniqueness of the flavor makes this rice one of the most favorite ingredients in South Asian cuisines.
  • The rice is also lighter in weight and can be consumed more than other varieties of rice. Being lighter in weight Basmati can be easily prepared in larger quantities according to requirement, thus making it more suitable for ceremonial purposes.
  • The grains of Basmati are a bit more elongated than other varieties of rice.
  • This gives them a distinct structure, especially a sleek figure which has become its identity. Basmati rice is a lot tastier than normal varieties of rice.
  • The blend of the unique taste and essence makes it stand out of the crowd.